Date: 19-22 September, 2017   Venue: China National Convention Center, Beijing, China

About Exhibition



Aviation Expo/China, the only aviation exhibition to be held in Beijing since 1984, has been a part of the 32-year development of China's aviation industry. This biennial event is currently one of the most influential and prestigious in the industry. 

The first trading platform provider to create international collaboration for China's aviation industry, this event has brought together thousands of aviation enterprises and hundreds of thousands of visitors as China's aviation industry steps onto the world's stage. 

Aviation Expo/China is approved by the Ministry of Commerce of the P.R. China and jointly organized by top-level aviation parties, including the Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) and the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC). Military delegations, government departments, trade associations, leading aviation and aerospace enterprises, authoritative science research institutions, and academia have provided great support for this event.

Given the current situation of overall full support services provided and the demand for development in China's civil aviation, general aviation, and other associated sectors, the 2017 event will be divided into nine sections: Aircraft Manufacturing, Aero-Engines, Aerospace, MRO, Interior, Airborne, Airport & ATC, UAV, and Civil-Military Integration to fulfil the market needs. Each section is designed to coincide with the demand for industry upgrades, offering enormous business opportunities. 

The 17th Aviation Expo/China will be held September 19–22, 2017, at the China National Convention Centre in Beijing. With the rich exhibition experience and resources it has accumulated, Aviation Expo/China will further contribute to China's comprehensive advantages in the aviation industry by providing an ideal platform for the release of new products, technologies, and concepts; for high-level dialogue among governmental parties and industry leaders; and for leading aviation and aerospace companies from around the world to come together under one roof. 


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