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MD of AVIC, Mr. Lin Zuoming meet Mr. Joseph Weiss, President &CEO of IAI

2014-11-21 15:05:41 Aviation Expo China Read


Managing Director of AVIC, Mr. Lin Zuoming and Deputy GM of AVIC, Mr. Xu Zhanbin had meeting with President & CEO of IAI, Mr. Joseph Weiss at AVIC Building on 12th Oct 2012. The Both parties discussed how to establish the wide-ranging and in-depth cooperation in the future.

AVIC and IAI always maintain friendly cooperative relationship, and established reliable and close friendship. Mr. Lin Zuoming said the General aviation market in China is ready for booming, the GA market structure of the world will be changed accordingly when the GA market in China is getting mature and professional. At present, AVIC put the civil aviation aircrafts and civil projects as the main developing targets .AVIC hope to establish a kind of long term and mutual beneficial cooperation with IAI and push forward the cooperation and co-development.
Mr. Joseph Weiss watched the introduction video of AVIC. He said, China and Israel, AVIC and IAI have good cooperative relationship. AVIC and IAI have many cooperative and win-win opportunities because of the two parties have many complimentary advantages .This meeting is good starts to future discuss on how to establish a kind of long-term and mutual beneficial cooperation between the two parties.

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