Date: 19-22 September, 2017   Venue: China National Convention Center, Beijing, China

Exhibits Profile


Given the current situation of the overall support services and development demand of China's civil aviation, general aviation and other associated sectors, 2017 event has divided the exhibition hall into 9 sections include Aircraft Manufacturing, Aero-Engine, Aerospace, MRO, Interior, Airborne, Airport & ATC, UAV and the Civil-Military Integration.  Each section is modeled in line with the demand of industry upgrades offering enormous business opportunities.


Aircrafts (CIVIL, GA and UAV)  

Avionics & Airborne Systems  

Engines & Engine Parts       

Flight Training & Simulators 

Hydraulic System & Pneumatic System  

Light Metals & Composite Materials  

ATC & Airport Ground Support Facilities 

MRO Equipments & Technologies 

Research & Design    

Precision Manufacturing Equipment 

Welding Equipment and Technologies    

Assembling Equipment & Technologies 

Aviation Inspection & Testing Equipment 

Air-Rescue Equipment 

Airport & FBO           

Aircraft Interiors 

Air Transportation & Logistics   

Space Shuttles 

Space Communications and Navigation Equipment    

Aviation Finance 

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)


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